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Owner Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing IM2D Systems as your property management service solution. We look forward to welcoming you into, and having you as a member of our IM2D community.  This questionnaire will provide us with important information to help us get started with setting up your property into our management system.



  • This form cannot be saved and continued later.

  • Do not use your browser back button while completing this form as you may lose your progress. You may use the Back Buttons on the bottom of each page of the form to view the previous page.


To complete this form in its entirety, please prepare the following information as you will be asked to input the following information and upload the following documents when prompted:

Information to Gather:

  1. Property Owner(s) Information

  2. Property Description and Information

  3. Specific Unit Information

  4. Document Upload (See below for documents to gather and prepare to upload when prompted)

  5. Payment and Payout Preferences

  6. Initial Payment (Please prepare to submit your initial payment though Zelle). Your first payment includes 1) $199 Setup Fee, 2) First Monthly Payment, and 3) $99 ePay Application if opting to setup your Individual Merchant Account

Documents to Upload:

  1. Property Insurance: We will need a copy of your current property insurance policy for our records. We also require IM2D Systems LLC. to be named as an additional insured on your policy. This protection is provided at no additional cost with many reputable insurance carriers. You may upload the updated policy onto your owner account when it has been updated.

  2. Provide us a W-9 or W-8: If you are a U.S. Citizen or entity, you will need to provide us a completed and signed W-9 form.  If you are a foreign citizen or entity: a W-8. You may download these forms here: Form W-9 and Form W-8

  3. Voided Blank Check: We will need this for the account in which you'd like your payments to be submitted.

  4. Current Leases: Please upload  the leases and addenda (if applicable)  for all units. 

  5. Copies of Premises or Unit Inspections: Property condition at lease commencement.

  6. Rent Roll: Supply rent roll or other financial document(s) reflecting tenant payment status.

  7.  ePay Application: For owners opting to obtain an individual merchant account to accept tenant payment and process other financial transactions. You may download this form here: ePay Merchant Application.  You will be asked to submit this completed form on a later page.



Ready to Begin?

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You're one step closer to joining our management community.

If you have any questions, please contact the point of contact for your property account.

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